Updated Sealing Method

After much experimentation, frustration, thought, testing and retesting, I have finally decided on the final method to seal the main tube to the top plate. Many failed experiments were tested before shipping, but the most reliable method at the time was used. The first 10 units had an o-ring in the channel, this worked on […]

Steam Pre-Heating Experiment

The Background The idea is to get a higher shot temperature out of the Forge than would be otherwise easily possible by pre-heating with just boiling water. First introduced on HB by Peter (beananimal) here: http://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/espressoforge-first-impressions-t35885-160.html#p423659 The Setup The Forge placed ontop of a Fino 1.2L kettle. My Forge has a small hole drilled in […]