Production Delay

Although I hate to announce a slight delay to our production schedule, we will have to push our ship date from the end of April back to the 2nd week of May.

Basically, reaming the cylinders didn’t work out as planned. Not only did we wear out a carbide reamer on just 20 cylinders, but the pipe stock just isn’t round or within spec at all, so reaming was all over the place. I’ve decided to dump the stock and go with a higher quality sanitary stainless tubing. This tubing is great, highly polished both inside and out, the main problem is just a little extra cost and time.

I hate to delay things, but I want to make sure the units are perfect. I also feel that any flaw in the cylinder is felt when pressing on the unit, and even if it worked with tooling marks inside, it wouldn’t be as great of an experience in use and may degrade o-rings faster.

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