The Anvil

Have you ever thought about actively heating the Forge? Dreamed about a permanent home for it on your counter-top? Want to use a E-61 portafilter instead of a lower ring?

Here is a concept I’ve been thinking about. Pictured is only the “docking station” where you would thread the upper part of the Forge onto (stand and a drip-tray will model out later):

The rear would have space for 2 cartridge heating elements and a thermocouple:

I’m thinking now that it may be offered as a kit with just the stand, adapter and elements, allowing you to choose between adding a standard PID block & thermocouple, simple thermostat or programming your own with an Arduino etc. This would also allow those not interested in active heating for light roasts to still have a dock and use a portafilter.

Heading out for a trip? Un-thread the top and away you go leaving the dock at home.

If you’re interested, please email me at and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “The Anvil

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  2. theriofortin says:

    This is a wonderful idea. I would prefer the system to be ready for use or at least with very clear instruction on how to add a PID block & thermocouple (with suggestion for PID).

    • Andre Vornbrock says:

      Thanks, so far there hasn’t been a lot of interest on the Anvil. Maybe there will be more later, if so I may produce a few samples, but right now it’s hard to say. I really would like one for myself, so at some point I may still go for it even with low interest!

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