Kinu M47 Grinder Landed!

Fresh into the workshop is the German made Kinu M47.

Wow what a grinder. I think I’m in love. This thing came completely zero’d with no burr rub. Loading up beans they just crunched up inside, so I do believe that it’s a true zero. Materials are all stainless seemingly, hefty in the hand. Locking burr design (as opposed to pressure lock adjustment) so there is no slipping of grind on light roasts. Handle is amazing and large. It’s probably not as portable as their M38 (or the Feldgrind), but if you want a compact grinder that punches above it’s weight. I think this one is a huge winner.

For full disclosure, they have inquired about me becoming their US distributor. So interested I bought myself the M47 as an evaluation piece, and while it took nearly 2 months to come and I didn’t expect much…it really blew me away in it’s ease of use, material & build quality..but most importantly, in the cup. I’m convinced this is my best aligned grinder, and now I’m thinking about refractometer comparisons. I’ve also been planning on treating myself to a Monolith sometime this year, and though I’m questioning my sanity now…I still think it would be a worthwhile comparison. Right now you can order them direct by emailing but I’m thinking of starting out with a group-buy, and if there’s sufficient demand to start stocking these grinders. Not just because I want to sell them, but this is an amazing grinder that I think more people would really love if they were available. If the M38 and M68 are anything like the M47, they’ll be a big hit.

I’m planning to make a video on the grinder, it’s much more apparent just how solid it is when you pick it up and use it for the first time.


About Kinu (as was relayed to me, cleaned up some of the English):

They are an old family run manufacturer and designer for hand salt, pepper & coffee mills. 2016 they celebrated their 25 year anniversary since starting the family business. Though the past brands they have manufactured for are confidential, they have decided on this anniversary to compile their experience into their own brand: Kinu. It’s taken them 3 years to design the three models (M38, M47 and M68) that are now available, and they have launched sales with basically no web presence.

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5 thoughts on “Kinu M47 Grinder Landed!

  1. James says:

    As a currently satisfied user of a Lido E, I question whether any other hand grinder would represent a sufficient quantum improvement over the Lido to warrant what I presume would be a not inconsiderable additional cash outlay for this (obviously excellent) new grinder.

    • Andre Vornbrock says:

      I wouldn’t call it a quantum improvement, however on the small hand grinders I have owned a LIDO 3 and E, Feldgrind, Helor 101. Larger hand grinders I’ve owned a Pharos, Mahlgut, HG-1. Motorized: Super Jolly, Compak K10. Probably others I’ve forgotten. My only point is that there are certainly grinders that are better in the cup, then there are ones that are easier to use etc. The Kinu M47 compares very favorably with the best of any grinder I’ve used or owned. I’ve been planning sometime this year to add a Monolith to my setup, but in the end, grinder comparisons are really only fair if done objectively by some metric. While extraction yield has been used by many people, I’m not sure it’s been accepted at the best way to go about it.

      Initially before I got the Kinu, I didn’t expect much more from it than the LIDO or Feldgrind, so maybe some of the surprise is also the reason why I like it so much. Price for the M47 is planned 250 EUR, so right now that wouldn’t be too much more USD. Of course I’m talking to Kinu to become the US distributor, so my thoughts are all skewed, however before receiving the grinder I was certain the hassle of misalignment, build quality, questions etc wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Now I’ve totally changed my mind, and any hassle or difficulty will be worth it. I also perceive that the build quality and alignment are so good that I likely won’t have many support issues on these grinders.

      Either way, I think more of these should be out there as surprisingly they do offer something unique in the market, and for what I think is a pretty good price. I’m excited about the M68, which wasn’t planned to be offered at wholesale prices, but I’ll probably carry and offer it anyway if it’s as good as the M47.

      • James says:

        Andre: I’m not entirely disinterested in the M47. Pricing may become the issue. I already have on order an EspressoForge. It might make a nice budget package in combination with the M47. Jim

      • mannyg3 says:

        I have contacted Kinu Grinder to inquire about pricing for their M47. They have not contacted me in return yet. Do you have any timeline for distributing this product to the US? I’m very happy with the Lido 3. It’s currently my only grinder but an M47 sounds like a great edition for me once my Forge get here. Thanks for sharing your experience with your new grinder.

        • Andre Vornbrock says:

          Hi Manny, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, for direct questions email is much faster for me. Yes I’ve ordered several of these grinders, should be getting them in about a month!

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