Kinu Grinders to be Offered Soon

A quick announcement, we will be partnering with Kinu to offer their grinders here in the US. Initially I am only able to get a few grinders of each style, but I’m hoping in the future that I will be able to secure a larger part of their next run. If we do run out of a model you’d like, I’ll try to make a way to do pre-orders or at least interest in which model you’re interested in.

Some minor changes from the below photos I’m told are in the works. The M38 will have an adjustable handle. And The M68 will be a brushed instead of polished finish. I only have an M47 at the moment in person, so I’ll take new photos once these arrive.


Kinu M38
Kinu M38 - bird's-eye view


Kinu M47
Kinu M47 bird's-eye view
Kinu M47 - exploded view
Kinu M47 - angle view


Kinu M68
Kinu M68 bird's-eye view
Kinu M68 - exploded view

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