Kinu Grinder Status

As many of you may know (I have sent out to all who have pre-ordered Forges), Forges have been delayed due to a problem that needs correction. Some of the parts will be sent back to repair. I’m estimating everything to be solved around the end of May. We have a solution, so this is just the time it will take to ship back parts and get them repaired.

Grinders are arriving, the M47s came in first and have all sold out, I will be getting more however it looks like a long waiting game with Kinu. Likely 2 months or so before I can get in more of them.

M38s just arrived today, you can check out the page for them here:

M68s are on the way, I have only received one (my personal one), but as more come available I will put them up online. If anyone wants to reserve one they can, just send me an email at I will have 4 total available. Price without shipping is $799.

3 thoughts on “Kinu Grinder Status

    • Andre Vornbrock says:

      Hi Barbara, at the moment I’m not sure, Kinu has been hard to contact, but through Facebook I finally got their attention. They’ve assured me that they’ve been having problems supplying grinders to everyone, not just me, and that October was their launch month. I guess that means they are ramping up production? In any case, I hope soon, but I can’t promise until I have them in my hand.

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