Lathe has finally arrived!

Because of all the delays, I wanted to avoid as much as possible updates for the status on when the lathe was supposed to arrive, and what happened, and why it’s been delayed. Suffice to say, it’s finally here!
Over the next week, I will be getting the machine setup, and will start to document my process of learning to CNC machine in stainless and eventually what it takes to make production Forges. So YouTube page will become much more active, please consider subscribing there if you are interested in videos! I know it will be an undertaking, but I expect to ship at least current production models in a month or so. But as I go through the process you should get an idea of how close I am.
The specs on this lathe are: 5hp spindle, 8 position turret, Siemens controller, box ways, and a slant bed. It also has a small tailstock that you can’t see for supporting long pieces, though with the Forge I don’t expect to need it.


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