Parts Machining Update

As most of you know if you’ve been subscribing to my YouTube channel and some on Facebook, I’ve been making good progress with the parts. Really the only thing I’m waiting on is a couple tool holders to be able to do ID threading and some minor boring.

The lower ring I will be starting on shortly, but since it’s mostly similar to the top plate in terms of tooling, I expect it to go about the same.

Once all the parts are tested and machined correctly (I expect towards the end of May), I will be ordering the stock material & parts, and at that time opening up pre-orders. Shipping from the time of pre-order I would expect to be less than 2 weeks. You can always check back here for updates, but if you’d like emails, you can subscribe to major updates here: Mailing List Subscribe

UPDATE: Finished the lower ring, see 2nd photo below.

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