Entering Production!

Great news! Though I have been on what feels like a long journey, it’s been just a few months. Until I completed this process, I didn’t want to promise anyone anything, but I wanted to give as many updates as I could along the way. Most everything was on either YouTube or Facebook, so that I didn’t unnecessarily spam everyones email inbox.

Having said all that, the last material has finally arrived (first piece got lost by UPS and next delayed!) and I’ve finished the last needed fixture. I’ve also completed a full test unit and pressurized it, everything is perfect!

I will change some slight tapered edges, but overall things are about ready. Pre orders will begin tomorrow morning at 9am CST! I will open up about 50 units, though if demand goes beyond that I’m willing to extend it, since I haven’t done a real production run, I don’t want too many orders to flood in at once.

I expect these pre-orders to be a short 1-2 week process before you start getting your machines, I have about half of the material in stock, so mostly it will just be shipping logistics waiting to see how much of everything I need to purchase to make this run. After this gets going, I plan to have Forges always in stock ideally to be able to ship when needed.

I have been trying to make more machining videos, but want to get things rolling first with production.

Here is the current test unit, since it failed a previous work-holding, it has some cosmetic damage, but all is working. I’ll be starting on production units soon!

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