Our Story

Espresso Forge was founded in 2015 through a love of coffee & engineering, the byproduct was a manual espresso press capable of extracting espresso at a cafe-quality level. The Forge went through several rounds of critiques & improvements thanks to crowdsourced feedback from popular coffee forums like homebarista.com, which in turn produced what we believe is the most easy-to-use manual machine on the market.

Mid 2021 our small Longmont, Colorado based team of four acquired the Espresso Forge brand from founder Andre Vornbrock as he had decided to step away from the passion project to pursue other opportunities. As avid Forge users ourselves we felt an obligation to carry it onward to the future so others have the opportunity to experience its simple nature & mind-bending espresso capabilities. We manufacture Forge’s from the ground up from the highest quality steel at our in-house machine shop at the base of the rocky mountains. 

Whether you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality espresso machine for home or to take with you on the go, you’re in the right place. 


Whitey first got into coffee while working as a firefighter but it wasn’t until racing as a pro cyclist that he took it to the next level. His favorite group ride met at a local coffee shop where he eventually became part owner and opened an additional three locations. During this time he spent a lot of time behind the bar perfecting his espresso craft and learning about the industry. He currently owns the Gold Hill General Store & Pub which is a top destination for cyclists, campers & day-trippers. It was in Gold Hill he saw the growing need for a simple, no-compromise espresso maker that can be used in the kitchen or on the road.

Shawn neer

Shawn has been riding & racing bikes for most of his life and found coffee by looking for a way to fuel himself naturally. Shawn is a full-time coffee roaster and fell in love with the Espresso Forge after years of traveling in a van chasing a racing career. Quickly realizing he could make higher quality espresso on the Forge out of his rustic 1993 Ford Econoline Van than most coffee shops, he knew this product was truly special and wanted to share it with others.

Mike Murfitt

With a background in BMX & a love for traveling, Mike found himself stumbling into a career in the coffee industry in 2015 where he quickly found himself running a coffee brand inside of a world-renowned craft brewery for a few years. With a focus on intentional design & a minimal lifestyle, he fell in love with the Forge after using it for the first time due to its simple, durable design & the capability to pull shots that often exceed cafe quality. 

dwight debroux

Dwight, a retired maintenance mechanic, spent his whole life working with his hands either on the job or in his workshop. As a military veteran, he is proud to be producing a product completely built in the USA.