58.35 Merrill Tamper Wood


The Merrill tamp is crafted in-house, making each one a truly unique piece for your daily routine. Each tamp features a North American hardwood handle & precise stainless steel base.

Built with the home barista and the professional in mind, the weight and handle are optimized for a comfortable grip that is a pleasure to use every day.

Its 58.3mm or 53.3mm diameter ensures a gapless fit that’ll leave you with little to no residual grounds on the side-walls. A puck that is compacted evenly across the entire surface helps in reducing channeling – less channeling usually leads to higher extractions and tastier espresso.

53.3mm (Fits: Breville and La Spaziale)
58.3mm (Including Espresso Forge, Quick Mill, Lelit, Rancilio, La Marzocco, Rocket, Profitec, and ECM models.)

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