Here is my current temp data on the v2.1 Forge. I would like to preface this data by saying that I have been hesitant to post it as I’ve not been able to gather a large number of data points and average them. These are just over a couple sessions, but the general trend seems to stick. As soon as I publish temps, I’ve been afraid that they would be disputed or different for other areas, etc. But realizing that not many of you will have access to a Scace device, I feel as long as it’s taken as a guide, it should be useful.

The next thing to point out is that the pre-heat temp was gathered using the temp strip that is available on this site and is commonly used by many other lever users. You may notice there’s a reading for 95C (203F) pre-heat, this is an estimation where 90C reading has gone blue in the way 85C does when you’re at 90C etc. Again, please use the below data as a rough guide for shot temps, you can notice that the temp strip may not be perfect (could be a “high” or “low” 85C reading), but I feel it works well enough.

A more accurate reading would be with a thermocouple tightened onto the plate, it’s a bit tricky to do this, and having my meter in the right spot for pre-heat as well as Scace readings is a challenge, but I have been planning to set that up for a while. It will be coming!

Shot temperatures with pre-heating:

Approx Pre-Heat Temp (F) Idle Scace Temp (F) Lock in Temp (F) Max Shot Temp (F)
158 98 141 184.1
167 102 141 186.1
176 98 148 189.1
185 103 142 191.7
194 102 148 201.6
203 100 151 203.2
Approx Pre-Heat Temp (C) Idle Scace Temp (C) Lock in Temp (C) Max Shot Temp (C)
70 36.6 60.5 84.5
75 38.8 60.5 85.8
80 36.6 64.4 87.2
85 39.4 61.1 88.7
90 38.8 64.4 94.2
95 37.7 66.1 95.1

The procedure for gathering the data was to first heat up the Forge as I normally do to around 70C and let it sit on the kettle, I usually do this while prepping a shot, so I took this time to setup the Scace. Afterwards I recorded the idle temp of the Scace sitting in the ring while on the stand. Then I pre-heated the Forge to the temp using only the strip as a guide, then locked the Forge in noting the lock-in temp before pouring in 100C boiling water. Fill Forge to the top and press as a normal shot up to 6-8 bar. The max temp was recorded during the shot press (usually temp peaks in the first 5-10s then falls slowly).

Any suggestions to the routine are more than welcome, as is more Scace data.